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TVN Warszawa
TVN Warszawa (ITI Group)
Warsaw local news TV channel.

August 2008 – June 2011
I started the work before the channel oficially launched and stayed to its official closure. I co-created the graphics section and worked on implementing and modifying the channel initial visual ID. I created various infographics and visuals for the news section and other programs. I designed, created and developed various advanced graphic designs and solutions. Click to see examples...
Moda z Bloga, 2011
Stadion Narodowy, 2011
Trains, 2011
Twój Wybór, 2010
Odrobina Miasta, 2010
Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej, 2010
Bumper example, 2010
Szpital Południowy, 2010
Węzeł Łopuszańska, 2010
Infographic example, 15.09.2009
Localization example, 2009
Complete 3d map of Warsaw, 2009
Infographic example, 18.07.2009
Telebim map example, 2009
Z Życia Miasta, 2009
Infographic example, 18.07.2009
Infographic example, 07.06.2009
Virtual scenography example, 2009
Most Północny, 2009
Infographic example, 28.12.2008
Infographic example, 17.12.2008