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Razorlight Studio
Razorlight Studio
Independent TV and events production studio.

May 2011 - ...
I've been working in Razorlight Studio on many various art projects. I designed graphics and animation for many different and well know TV programs, shows, festivals, concerts, special events and video mappings. I also worked on stereoscopic visuals and mixed and augumented reality productions. Click to see examples...
TV Biznes & Polsat Biznes
TV Biznes / Polsat Biznes (Polsat Group)
Polish bussiness news TV station.

June 2011 – March 2013
I've been working on the visual identification of both stations. I've been designing graphics and animation for various programs, presentations and daily infographics. Click to see examples...
TVN Warszawa
TVN Warszawa (ITI Group)
Warsaw local news TV channel.

August 2008 – June 2011
I started the work before the channel oficially launched and stayed to its official closure. I co-created the graphics section and worked on implementing and modifying the channel initial visual ID. I created various infographics and visuals for the news section and other programs. I designed, created and developed various advanced graphic designs and solutions. Click to see examples...
Independent FX, animation and TV production studio.

April 2008 – August 2008
AlienFX was a professional studio specialized in computer animation, special effects and postproductinon. I've been mostly working at postproduction, composition, modeling, rendering in bigger and smaller projects. Click to see examples...
TVN24 (ITI Group)
Polish news TV channel.

July 2006 – September 2007
I've been working in the main newsroom creating infographics for a wide variety of programs and daily news. In addition to stuff for TVN24, I've been also creating infographics for "Fakty" in TVN and infographics for TVN Meteo and TVN Turbo. Click to see examples...